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No doctor regardless of their field of expertise

accomplishes their masterpiece in their initial attempt.

The creative process is composed of a series of events,

during which through progressive adjustments it becomes possible to

create an excellent product. It is in a similar manner that the sculptor

works their marble in order to sculpt their statue.

“On a different note, it is believed that the Age of Aquarius will bring with it an age of universal brotherhood rooted in reason, where it will become possible to resolve social problems in a just and equitative manner and with greater opportunities for the betterment of the intellect and spiritualism of mankind, as Aquarius is a scientific and intellectual sign and the planet which rules it, Uranus, is associated with intuition (irrational feeling over reason) and the direct perceptions of the heart; at a more basic level, it governs electricity and technology… It is impossible to scientifically ascertain that we are in the Age of Aquarius, therefore only leaving us with an intuitive apprehension that denies us the right to designate as false or true any affirmation of whether or not we may be currently living in it.

In other words, the answer of whether or not we may currently be in the Age of Aquarius based strictly on what we know about astronomy is false as such a science does not possess any conclusions, but rather an opinion about such a question.”

From: Age of Aquarius.Wikipedia.



Independently of whether or not we may be in the Age of Aquarius; the content of the statements made above in relationship to this website, constitutes the principal basis for the formulation of its:


1. That enough members of this century’s generations may develop the capacity to resolve its own existential problems, especially those related to “Climate Change”

2. Provide financial aide to non-profit organizations and whose purpose is to serve the needs of our society for the development of one or more of their specific programs.

3. That institutions whose sole purpose is to provide social services may become interested in resolving the problems relating to climate change and that they may incorporate in their programs, objectives which are oriented in that direction and the specific activities necessary to successfully allow for their implementation.

4. Contributing so that educational institutions at the Primary and Secondary levels may accept and obtain the necessary knowledge to fulfill their historical responsibility of preparing the new generations so they may develop the capacity to propose solutions relative to the issue of climate change.

5. To provide technical and financial assistance to Primary and Secondary level educational institutions so they may starting in the third grade, carry out projects based on the models proposed by Creative Teaching Education for Being (CTEB).


With the aide of goodwilled people who are living today it is perfectly possible to accomplish said objectives. This would result in a benefit for all. This would serve as a confirmation that together we can build and live in a Better World.