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In short, the issue of climatic changes, is very complicated and requires a multidisciplinary approach. In other words, it would be necessary to apply multiple scientific and technological types of knowledge in order to understand the different facets of this topic. Sciences such as physics, biology, chemistry, meteorology and many more are advancing by making more and more discoveries to better understand the issue.

The nature of the predictions, which are being arrived at by some of the scientific data collected, is so alarming, that it appears there is an immediate need for identification of measures required to mitigate or prevent damage arising as a result of these phenomena. The urgency with which this information is needed may be said to be akin to that which would require delivery at the speed of light.

Each one of us bears a great responsibility in the present situation of our planet. It would be to the best of our convenience and that of our own survival to make a really positive effort to contribute anything we can towards the solution of this problem. We may retain an optimistic outlook while still engaging in every action we can in order to alleviate the progression of the issue.

It is quite likely that many of us lack the information and training to fully understand the gravity of such calamities as those having to do with climatic changes. Above all, we can do something, which is much easier than we think. We can comply with the recommendations, given by those who understand the issue, better than we do. The union of the many working towards this purpose is likely to produce wonderful results. It is clear that there also lies responsibility in businesses, social service institutions, especially educational institutions, now more than ever, which requires them to “open their eyes” and for this purpose include “green-objectives” in their programs while taking appropriate actions to achieve them.



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