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Finally, the solution to the distressing problems caused by climatic changes is everyone’s       r e s p o n s I b I l I t y.

In order to provide you the opportunity to make a valuable collaboration by applying the measures which can help to mitigate the negative effects of climatic changes we have included this list with some very important recommendations:

a) “Spread the word “, to create a “snowball-effect” of the existence of this website.
b) Talk to friends, neighbors, relatives and others about the items included in this site.
c) Avoid the use of aerosols.
d) If you have a car or more than one, try to keep its use to a minimum.
e) Take measures to avoid creating fires, dumping litter, polluting the air, rivers and other similar actions.
f) Keep permanent habits of cleanliness, order and the like.
g) Always put the garbage in its place.
h) Always follow the recommendations of your local committees responsible for these matters.
i) Find out more about these issues.
j) Comply with all the measures you can think of in this regard.


Work with: GLOBAL MOVEMENT to create a more appropriate environment which ensures a rewarding existence on our planet, visit: WORLD-WIDE MANIFEST


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