postheadericon Free PC for schools

Free personal computer given to schools who apply CTEB.


For children in the 3rd grade level of primary school.

For the realization of a IPCTEB (Implementation Project of Creative Teaching Education for Being.)




1. Formally request permission from BETTERWORLD Foundation to conduct a project for the I or II quarter of the third grade. Include school name, legal registration, and name(s) of faculty representative(s) responsible.

2. Immediately upon receiving authorization, send a return receipt. In addition, a Work Plan for the quarter that includes the specific objectives of the basic subjects to be covered and materials and other visual aids to be used is required. Also include the names of children who will participate along with the intended start date.

3. Once we receive your answers to step 2, we will send the document containing all the details, the explanations necessary for the proper implementation of the project. Then you may start the plan, according to the date indicated.

4. Confirm receipt of this document.

5. When the children are ready with their plans to carry out their project, please send a copy of each one.

6. Upon receipt of the plans to be used by the children and how they plan to participate we can then send the data needed to cancel the $500 USD with the store with which you agreed to transact the purchase of the computer, which is what we assign in this case. That store or company must commit to send a bill that specifies the name of the school, materials delivered, the total cost and to say explicitly that the purchase was made by BETTERWORLD Foundation.

7. In addition, the school must agree to post comments they deem appropriate regarding the results of experience and enough samples of outstanding work made by the students.

Good luck!