postheadericon Positive Thinking 2

Positive thinking improves our health, helps us to succeed, increases our happiness. Help yourself by making a habit in each of the following recommendations:

a) Clear your mind of any idea, which contains, a possible negative occurrence.
b) Always look for beautiful or constructive aspects in things or events.
c) Open yourself to change and welcome the new. Envision new possibilities.
d) Visualize success. Avoid environments, which harm you physically or emotionally.
e) Learn from your mistakes and gather the necessary information to make wise decisions.
f) Take classes, read books, participate in meetings and recreational activities.
g) Aim for clear objectives. Work hard and persistently, in order to achieve them.
h) When you believe in something, give it your full attention and energy.
i) Work on your own ideas to manifest desired situations.
j) Try to improve your empathy and good will toward other people.
k) Always keep your promises. Take responsibility for the consequences of your actions.
l) Practice daily habits of cleanliness, order and the like.
m) Find out all that you can about the topic: healthy eating.
n) Chew well what you eat.
o) Eat only fruits for lunch, 4 times a week.
p) Drink at least four glasses of water a day(each glass 20 min. before eating).
q) Always put the garbage in its place.
r) Walk at least 1.5 miles a day. Not necessarily all at once.
s) Breathe deeply several times a day.
t) Whenever possible, laugh out loud without restraint.
Good luck in all your endeavors!


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