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Positive thinking is the art or skill to make the impossible possible. It is much like the frog that cried there’s hope with 75% of his body engulfed in the jaws of the snake. There were survivors to the Holocaust, survivors at the Twin Towers. Chile miners were rescued after much seemingly hopeless struggle. There are still survivors to tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, wars, plane crashes and the like. Devastating diseases such as cancer, pandemics have been cured. People have  been able to overcome extreme poverty, addiction, the mistreatment dictatorial regimes, slavery, etc. etc. etc.

Exercise: What concept do you have on this issue or how you define it?

Positive thinking means seeing the problems and recognizing their reality, but at the same time being able to find solutions to them. This often requires tolerance, patience and common sense. It is easy to be optimistic, but we must be very careful if we are to be realistic.

Thinking positively involves turning our attention to the good qualities in others eventhough we might be aware of their weaknesses.

Positive thoughts can make us feel at peace. We can meet the expectations of others and expect love, respect and understanding. We can make relationships more light in order to create sustainable and harmonious ones.


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