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The structuring of the basic mindset for the optimal development of intelligence and creativity is something like designing the genes in a DNA molecule.

One of the greatest secrets lies in the rigorous and timely implementation of the progressive stages contained in Piaget’s psychogenetic theory.

Creative-Teaching. Education-For-Being(CTEFB) is the only existing educational proposal with a cosmological vision that encompasses the full Elementary, Junior and High-school levels and considers them as a progressive and indivisible whole. In practice, our goals are achieved through the development and implementation of 27 Projects of Application(PACTEFB). Each project is implemented each school quarter. The first is started in third grade, since this is the optimal time for initiating the development of the student’s high performance. Each is a prerequisite to the next, until the end of high school.

The program, which contains the specific objectives of CTEFB, consists of 121 objectives in total. These are distributed among the 27 quarters usually according to the corresponding level. The objectives of CTEFB complement the objectives for the development of every country’s conventional curriculum, thus allowing not only the normal implementation of government programs, but the full development, of creativity in all students. Examples of alignment in our program with the different grades:


Third grade. Area of development: Personality

Objective # 8: Identify sources that allow for adequate, compelling and scientific information related to sexual orientation.


Sixth Grade. Area of development: Human Relations

Objective # 89: Learn to accept irritable attitudes in other people. Learn to cope with events such as others raising their voice, or imposing their views or ideas.

Twelfth Grade. Area of development: Knowledge

Objective # 121: Make findings regarding the methods of different types of sciences and technologies.


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