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Indeed; the concept: specific goals in education, is very similar to the macroeconomic indexes used frequently in Economics.

In our Projects of Application for Creative-Teaching and Education-For-Being(PACTEFB) we have allocated the specific goals for each one of the 27 quarters in Elementary, Junior and High-school levels. Each quarter has specific activities to ensure the achievement of every goal. Thus, the educational proposal of CTEFB allows students starting from third grade until high school, to achieve, with high performance, the 121 121 specific objectives that are referred to in our article of THRESHOLDS OF  ABUNDANCE 3(our article includes a sample with 3 of the objectives).

Another very important and truly innovative idea contained in this educational proposal has to do with the Assessment process. It is only fair and necessary that the students, who are the reason for the educational system istelf, have a lot to say and decide on the qualifications of their own performance. This favors not only the increase in their motivation but also serves as the starting point for them to develop their ability to appraise their own attitudes as well as those of their peers.


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