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Therefore, what CTEFB provides is a wholistic education.

Performing PACTEFB enables primary and secondary institutions to dramatically improve the quality of their services. Thus, the graduates of this very important stage of education, with the full development of their creative potential, are empowered to make unimaginable contributions in the spectacular explosion of current scientific and technological development. Undoubtedly, this completes the enrichment of the immeasurable contribution of universities.

There is a commitment already made, by countries of the globe, with the effective implementation of policies relating to climate change, according to specific international legal instruments.

The only thing left to do, is to conform to the predictions of those who not only show evidence that they know, but also know that they know. Lets continue securely along the path leading to the construction of a better world.

Thresholds of abundance are here.

We foresee horizons of greatness.


Evidence abounds.

We are building



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