postheadericon Thresholds Of Abundance

For many years the accumulation of positive thinking in a large number of cohabitants in our planet, has come to exert a beneficent influence possibly in alignment with other conceivable extraterrestrial influences caused by the natural variability in the position of the stars.

Those men who appear to be illumined, by the natural evolution of the spirituality in the human species, portend dramatic progress in the current explosion of scientific and technological knowledge.

The most notorious and influential people will open their eyes and understand the responsibility, with which their power entails them. The duty of hastening the pace and rhythm of their work, with the demands of their generation, will allow them in due time to arrive on schedule to the departure of the train of progress. Sooner rather than later, the practices employed by our government officials will lead them to direct greater attention to the real needs for human evolution. This will permit children and young people especially, the realization of their immense creative potential to truly unimaginable levels.

In this fashion a spectacular light will shine in the clear blue sky, radiating its luminosity upon the lovely land we inhabit. As if by magic, the omens, which point to the wholeness and healing, of our race and our planet, will emerge before us.


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